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Husband and wife relationship

Pastor Wants A Wife: Viewers notice that pastor dumps women who challenge him

Pastor Wants A Wife is a show on Mzansi Magic that helps Christian men find a new love on a reality television show. It's a wacky enough concept when you consider that the end result is meant to be marriage and these people won't know each other well enough.

There is a particular trend that viewers noticed that raised red flags

We're on our sixth week of the show and its staying to become harder for the ladies to hide themselves from us as the viewers. It is equally hard for the pastor who introduced his rude brother last week to us who proceeded to call him broke and dared him to disagree.

However, despite feeling bad for the pastor. I couldn't help but have reservations about him as well. He consistently gets rid of women re to have a different opinion from him. That had to be warning sign about the kind of woman he wants.

Social Media Response

Many people noticed Tshegofatso doesn't respond well to being challenged.

One user wrote, "So if you challenge the Pastor you are Gone👀🚩🚩🚩#PastorWantsAWife"

While another user wrote, "Haysuka this pastor can't take criticism so they must agree with everything he says, if they have a different opinion they got "red flags" childish lomfana (this boy) #PastorWantsAWife"

A final user wrote, "This pastor 🙄 him and challenge are like water and oil🤞... What a coward #PastorWantsAWife"

Personal Thoughts

I cant pretend I didn't notice that the pastor has an aversion to being around women who question him or hold him accountable. It can't bode well for who ever he chooses is he will constantly require a woman who will say yes. It would take a tremendous effort to pull that off for a long time. As a pastor, how does he give advise when he can't take even the tiniest bit of constructive criticism?

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Source: Pastor Wants A Wife on Mzansi Magic DSTV channel 161

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