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OPINION |Connecting to our ancestors is important more than anything

We are in times where praying and connecting to our ancestors is important more than anything, and must be done on daily basis for survival. 

If you are weak, you'll definitely won't make it. 

All spirits are awakened and roaming around. Good spirits and bad spirits are at work at once. To differentiate it's a problem for many.

When you pray and connect with your ancestors. always be able to attract good spirits and get rid of the bad once. prior to phablet pay attention to your Guiders instructions. There are always signs please pay attention 

Do not use other candles especially black if you are not spiritually strong it could back fire on you. A white candle is the best one , just like using holy ash is the best one, it cleanse and protects at the same time.

You can’t use other holy water especially for luck without being cleansed and being protected, clean your heart and mind. Pray for a sincere soul, ask for unconditional love, pray for spiritual eyes and divine wisdom. 

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