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See recent pictures on the pastor that burnt bibles in his church

An Ugandan minister has purportedly requested that his devotees assemble their books of scriptures and set them burning. 

As indicated by reports, Aloysius Bugingo, who is the Head Pastor of House of Prayer Ministries, Kampala, Uganda requested the individuals from his assemblage to assemble several Bibles and set them ablaze. 

He said a portion of the lines that have been altered in the interpretations were those which talk about fasting and the Lent time frame. He additionally asserted the King James Bible rendition contained the word 'Sacred Ghost' a greater number of times than it did the word 'Essence of God'. 

After a ton of responses from individuals because of what he did, Pastor Bugingo clarified that he understood that the Bibles that individuals thinks it contains the universe of Holy Ghost, is a term for fallen angel admirers and this made him to set them ablaze. The issue made a great deal of responses from individuals the degree that Pastor Bugingo was charged to court by his kindred Christians for what he did. They said on the off chance that he find that the Bible is tempered with, he should restore it to the vender and not consume them. 

It is 3 years as of now that this episode has occurred, after a lot of difficulties for what he did, Pastor Bugingo is as yet making a mind-blowing most. His life is still completely fine, According to what I read, he stowed a Bachelor's qualification a year ago 2019 and many individuals came to celebrate with him on his graduation day.his assembly completely surports all that he does. 

He purchased a pristine Range Rover for his sweetheart recognized as Susan Makuta about certain months back, after he has separated from his significant other Teddy Naluswa following quite a while of marriage. 

Down here are ongoing pictures of the minister and his better half in their shiny new vehicle and his graduation day 


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