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Father, Please Hear My Prayer And Heal Your People

Today it is a sad day for some of your people, yesterday they took trips to their various destinations but unfortunately today some have received some bad news. Some have received bad news directly from the hospital, others from the police and others from various sources about how they lost their loved ones. Xoli Mngambi from Newsroom reported six people were killed in three separate accidents in Limpopo and Mpumalanga as the Easter holiday begin.


Today the feeling that King David and Bathsheba felt when they lost their son is alive and real in some of your people, and some can even feel the exact feeling Adam and Eve felt when they received the news that Cain slaughtered his brother, and once again they were childless. Father, my God, others woke up to the terrible news that they will no longer be able to see and talk to their mothers, fathers, or even their friends. This news reminds me of how Jesus Christ felt when he received the news of the death of Lazarus.

Father, who can heal your people if it is not you? Your people are hurt going through trauma, hurt, and depression. Some as we speak are contemplating taking their own lives just like Judas Iscariot did when he took his own life. I pray that you heal your people so that the thought of suicide does not manifest in their spirits. You said you will never leave them or neither forsake them, so now is the time father for you to show your powerful hand to those who lost their loved ones.


You were able to heal Joseph when he lost his father Israel, and you were also able to heal Isaac when he lost his mother Sarah, and once again you were able to make him get through the death of his father Abraham. My prayer is a very simple one, for those who woke up today being orphans, widows, fatherless, or motherless to visit them and heal them. Be their fathers as you stated in your holy bible. Heal them as you healed Manoah and his wife when they lost their only son Samson.


Do not allow the spirit of vengeance and carelessness to enter their spirits as it did with King Pharaoh to the point he lost his life at the red sea, but heal those affected directly or indirectly. Heal them like your healed Job when he lost his sons and daughters in a day. Father, hear my prayer in the mighty name of Lord Jesus Christ. Amen.

(Images attached are for illustration purposes and I downloaded them from Google). Feel free to leave your comment.

Lord Jesus Christ is my God, and I did not say yours because to you he might be a prophet or something else.



Content created and supplied by: Tumelo Baokudi (via Opera News )

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