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"Tough times are coming, Have these to protect yourself and family" - RA tell it all

There has been a lot of discussion on social media, particularly on Twitter, about how the young prophet who is making the rounds on Twitter has been a great help to them and has enlightened them on a lot of spiritual topics that they were previously ignorant about. Lihle Rhadebe, an Iron Man who goes by the name of Lihle Rhadebe, is currently making the rounds on social media, notably Twitter, for his visions and revelations on spiritual subjects, particularly spiritual ones, which he has received.

A young prophet, rose to national prominence earlier this year when Shona Ferguson tragically passed away as a result of Covid-19. Connie Ferguson's tweet from May was foreseen by a young prophet, who informed her that her husband was in peril.

Since then, a large number of individuals have begun to follow him on Twitter in order to get predictions and spiritual developments relevant to their life. On a daily basis, she receives revelations from the young man who follows her on Twitter.

A few days ago, another well-known young prophet stated on his Twitter account that he was sorry to have to announce this, but that people should begin praying for their family members right away. Strong storms, like thunder and lightning, are approaching, according to the young prophet, and the people must keep natural traditional medicine on hand at all times. As predicted by the prophet, medicine will be essential in assisting some of the people's family members in their efforts to survive. When the prophet was finished, he said that you were there as protectors.


The young prophet is basically stating that people should become accustomed to having medicine on hand since it can assist them in difficult times.

What are your thoughts and understanding of the young prophet? Do you agree or disagree with him? Please share your thoughts in the section below.

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