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Snuff is used to communicate with your ancestors

Through the consultations when training you able to separate the gowns for prophecy and through the use of candles. water and even bibles. you able to do a consultation for a patient through prophecy.

Once you start with the prayer pleading with god and your messenger. to communicate through the ailments within the then able to do a divination for patient.

Visions usually happen whilst praying, looking into the water you just blessed and the light candles. From there you can see the patients life infolding before your very eyes.

Depending on the messenger, for others when they close their eyes they can see whats happening in the patients life and then speak what they see.

Once your done with the divination the messenger then tells you how you can heal that patient. whether it's through just prayer or the use of herbs specific to that condition that the patient had come for.

These rituals vary for being used to enlighten dreams, bring luck, chase away evil spitits or to help easy physical and spiritual illnesses.

During the process of initiation for the measenger there is a ceremonies that are held as per instruction. of the messenger which include rituals and process of wearing a particular gown, etc. These are all dependent on the instruction of the messenger as it dictates how it wants it.

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