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" Money Or Leadership " Fight Allegedly Broke Out At Church Between Pastors And Stirred Up Tweets

The church is a place of healing, where individuals experience serenity and are shielded from life's problems. People who have been hurt by sin can find Christ's restorative grace in the church.

Due to the fact that mass murderers often carry out their crimes in the temple of the Lord, it appears that the idea of church has changed over time. Recently, a video of an elderly pastor threatening a church member with a knife went viral, and just when we thought it was all over, a similar one leaked.

Having said that, a brief video of an alleged brawl at a church has people perplexed and asking what may have caused it.

According to the post below, it appears that high ranking members (pastors) got into a verbal altercation that almost became violent until some bystanders intervened..

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The end.

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