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3 The Nations The Bible Is Called the Hebrews Without the Israelites.


According to Genesis 10, the Bible gives the names of the nations of the world, and it describes their relationship with their ancestors and their descendants. In this account, there is a list of Hebrews, known as the "sons of Eber". (Genesis 10:21). The word, "Heber" means a region beyond and is the root of the Hebrew word, hence the Hebrew

This Bible account describes some of the nations of the world as descendants of Eber, which implies that there are other nations, besides the sons of Jacob, who can be described as Hebrews.

The nations of the world are as follows:

IRAQ: today Iraqis can be called Hebrews because their original name was Uz, or Mesopotamia (literally = Land between rivers). The two largest rivers are the Euphrates and the Tigris rivers, dating to the time of Adam and Eve. The land was subdued by the Syrians son of Eber. (Genesis 10:22).

RAN: today the Iranians can be called Hebrews because their original name in the Bible was Elam, a country in eastern Mesopotamia or Shina (Genesis 10: 21–23).

ASSYRIA / SYRIA: Modern-day Syrians are another group of people who can be described as Hebrews because their biblical name is ancient Assyria, which lies to the west or northwest of Mesopotamia. (Genesis 10: 21–23).

The fact is, there may be other names in the world that are related to that one, but time and history have moved people to abandon the truth about him.

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