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Opinion: Why Minister Abel Damina Wasn't right To Say That Jesus Isn't The Sheep Of God

As per an article distributed by GGBESTNIGERIA by means of Drama News, the Top leader of Force City Worldwide, Dr. Abel Damina gave his own clarification to the non-literal utilization of the articulation 'Jesus is the Sheep that removes the transgression of the World'. 

As per the minister, the misconception of Jesus' legitimate character makes individuals to allude Him as the 'Sheep of God'. Henceforth, it is a blunder to continue to depict Jesus in that picture as His appropriate character is profoundly lifted up in Paradise. 

The minister added that Jesus can't be a 'Sheep' and simultaneously, the 'Lion' as many allude Him as. Hence, Dr. Abel Damina inferred that Jesus isn't the 'Sheep of God' who removes the wrongdoings of the world; He is simply the God who uncovers, lives among men and removes the transgressions of the world without help from anyone else. 

Assessment: 4 Motivations behind why Jesus is the Sheep of God 

First and foremost, an essayist's decision of Language is a meaning of his thoughts right? Assuming this is the case, then, at that point, the metaphorical articulation of Jesus as the 'Sheep of God' is a genuine transmission of the author's thought 

Besides, the Heavenly Book of scriptures is a Book worked out of God's motivation. Furthermore, the Heavenly Book of scriptures doesn't lie for God our Maker is a Divine force of Flawlessness, drained of inconsistencies. His words are so valuable to Him that He said in the Book of Mathew 24:35, "Paradise and Earth will die however my words won't ever die". Provided that this is true, John 1:29 is directly by depicting Jesus as the 'Sheep of God'. 

Thirdly, John 1:41 further gave the significance of the articulation ' Jesus as the Sheep of God'. It portray Jesus as the 'Savior'; which means the Rescuer of the World. 

Finally, Jesus portrayed as the 'Sheep of God' wasn't simply referenced more than once in the Book of scriptures. This demonstrates how crucial the later articulation was in the Holy book. 

What is your viewpoint on this? 

Note: This substance depended on our comprehension of the sacred writing, and it's dependent upon revision assuming any. 

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