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Fiction, Satan Is now a Giant Serpent, Hell make you very rich if you sell him your soul, Vanity

Satan has been cursed by God ever since the beginning of creation, this is because he deceived Adam and Eve in the garden of Eden. He made them break the only rule that the Lord gave them, which was to not eat from the tree in the middle of the garden.Satan came in the form of a snake and God cursed him to remain that way for the rest of eternity. Satan has never changed his ways over the years and milleniums, instead he kept growing bigger and bigger, now he is a giant Serpent because he has lived for so long.Now that the world is full of human beings and development has boomed, he introduced money into the world. He did this knowing that most humans would want to be the richest, which would make it easy for him to deceive them. He cant shapeshift into a human being but he can change himself into the form of many different giant snakes. He approaches men who's hearts are full of ambition, men who have tried many times but failed and are on the brink of depression. He promises them riches in exchange for their human souls, this is because these souls make him stronger and sustain him because he is away from heavens energy. When a being from heaven is away from heavens light for a long time, that being starts to become weak and fade, that's why angels don't live permanently on Earth, they just visit. Satan will wait until you are alone in a very isolated place, he will make you the best deal you could ever dream of knowing full well that he is going to make you suffer. Once you give him your soul, the devil will make you rich and famous, a very respected and powerful man in the world. You will enjoy yourself for the first few years, after that he will start asking you for horrible favors that you will have no choice but to do. So choose wisely when coming to your life, life is too precious to waste on illusions and blind ambition.

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