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Examine Your Thought Pattern In The Mirror Of Phillipians 4:8 And Pray Accordingly

"Keep thy heart with all attention; for the issues of life arise from it." Proverbs 4:23

The heart's physical importance in keeping a man alive cannot be overstated. This organ is critical to human survival. The heart of a man is the component of his soul that directs his physical acts in the non-empirical world. In Mark 7:18-23, Jesus made this point very plain. This "heart" is what we're looking at in this research. "The heart of the matter is the heart of the matter," as the saying goes. This implies that the most important issues in life are those of the heart. This is what our Bible reading for today, verse 23, is all about.

"Keep thy heart with all attention; for the issues of life arise from it."

The heart is what shapes a person's life. Normally, the Bible declares that the heart is deceitful and extremely wicked (Jeremiah 17:9). The heart is influenced and made available for worked on by the word of God after a man experiences Jesus' salvation. It's designed to be a dwelling place for God's word, allowing it to be transformed into virtues, victories, and prosperity. For this to be realized, the child of God must make it a point to work on the heart on a daily basis by studying, meditating, and memorizing God's word.

In general, a man's heart can be in one of four states: *the wayside heart *the stony heart *the thorny heart *the good heart

These phases were explained by our Lord Jesus Christ in a parable that he identified as the key to all other parables (Mark 4:13-20). The state of one's heart is a choice made by the individual. Aside from the head, the heart is where knowledge is received. A person will not benefit from information unless it is gained in the heart. What kind of wisdom does your heart receive?

A man's life is charted by the working relationship between his heart and lips, whether good or evil. The mouth is the heart's exit, so the difficulties that shape a person's life come out of the heart through the lips. A man's genuine identity is determined by his emotional condition. It's where God checks to see if he can relate to a man (1 Samuel 16:7).

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