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Carol rejects the pastor before he can make his choice on Pastor Wants A Wife

Pastor Wants A Wife is reaching the end and it is not going down without some controversy. The show is about a pastor who wants to find love and potentially a wife. He is given his choice of over 10 women and week by week they are eliminated or elevated depending on their connection with him.

Carol however, decided to leave the race midway.

Carol was one of the last 3 ladies left behind with the pastor. She was someone that social media really loved for the pastor. They wod often mention how much of a Perfect match they looked like and it appealed to everyone in the same way. The only contender with that was Dudu.

However, when asked by the pastor about her feeling she claimed they were platonic. She fold him she had no feelings for him that were romantic. It was shocking and personally, I didn't believe her. I think she must have seen people loving Dudu and did not want to lose. She's made the show slightly less interesting now. We can all assume that he will choose Dudu.

Social Media Response

One viewer wrote, "I think Carol changed her mind about the pastor based on Twitter comments 🤔🤔#PastorWantsAWife"

While another user wrote, "🤣🤣Dankie carol for rejecting him before he rejected you, he looked so dissapointed but deep down he knows carols is not the one especially because he can't handle male friends. #PastorWantsAWife"

A final user summed it up perfectly and wrote, "#PastorWantsAWife shootout to my favorite "Carol Mathebe" ❤ for being honest. She literally dropped the bomb 💣 on the Pastor & was straight to the point!

Pastor : do you feel something for me?

Carol : romantically NO!

OUCH! He didn't see it coming"

I guess its always best to be honest and Carol seems like a focused woman. Perhaps her perfect match is still out there.

What did you think of Carol's decision? Let me know in the comments...💬

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Source: Pastor Wants A Wife on Mzansi Magic DSTV channel 161

You can check out a clip of the show here

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