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Is Easter still Christmas?

He made it a law that Christmas should be taken at the same time as with Christians, where one should keep a meal of malt beer, or also pay a fine, and weekends should be kept as long as the beer lasted. The Christmas party had been taken for the hawk night, the midwinter night ...

Christmas may not last until Easter, but the Christmas season actually lasts from Lussen night, which falls 11 days before Christmas Eve, to 20 days after. On Lucia Day, the Christmas preparations begin in earnest, and on that day they would start Lent and slaughter the Christmas pig.

The medieval Östgötland Act proclaimed national Christmas peace from Christmas Eve and 20 days onwards. Today we call it the twentieth day Knut. According to the law, you would not disturb the Christmas peace by committing crimes and the penalties were therefore increased during the Christmas peace. You should also leave the spinning wheel and grinder standing during Christmas, and you should not hunt, because the animals should also have Christmas peace. Only a long way into January, when the sun begins to look ahead, are people safe from the forces of darkness. Then you can chase out Christmas and start working again. 11 He made it a law to start a Christmas party at the time of Christianity, and then every man should have a measure of beer, but pay money otherwise, and keep it holy while beer is served, but before Christmas the Christmas party had begun, it was mid-winter. -night…

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