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"They lied to you" - The Self proclaimed prophet revealed the truth behind the famous eye

Shona Ferguson, who had made a breakthrough into the life of Lihle Rhadebe, passed suddenly tragically as a result of complications connected with COVID-19. Lihle Rhadebe, also known as the "young prophet," never looks back and has amassed a large following for his spiritual content and revelations on the issues affecting South Africa and the world at large. Lihle Rhadebe is a South African spiritual prophet who is well-known for his prophetic messages.

People initially questioned him, but after learning that he was actually curing them spiritually, they came to believe him and began following him on social media sites such as Twitter. Currently, the young prophet has over 129,000 followers on Twitter, which is a significant number. Numerous individuals have expressed gratitude for his assistance with a variety of spiritual activities that they were previously unaware of.

The famous prophet does what he is well-known for again. The famous prophet revealed that people should be open-minded about the I depicted on the photo above. The eye is widely known as illuminati by majority of people and it has been regarded as an evil. However according to the famous prophet there is not evil, people who told people that there is evil are lying according to the famous prophet.

According to Lihle Rhadebe, there is a form of melanin light melatonin in the night particularly in the dark which releases what's called DMT, that people use every time when they dream and have a vision also known as the prophet seeing.

The explanation is according to the famous prophets revelations and visions not necessary what people should believe unless they believe in him. The famous prophet has given his explanation with regard to the famous that people labelled it as an illuminati eye.

According to your understanding and your own explanations? What's the meaning of the eye? Drop a comment below and Do follow us for more updates.

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