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You Are My God And I Have No Other Gods, But You

My foot may be deeper than it is supposed to be in hell, but I know you will never forsake me, and you will always be with me through all the dark places I walked myself Into. It gives me pleasure to have such a blessed understanding.

I may be impoverished as the man on Psalms 34: 6, or I may have been abused like the woman in Judges 19: 25 (KJV), but for the purpose you said, you knew me before you formed me in my mother’s womb, on Jeremiah 1: 5 (KJV); and also Genesis 1: 27 (KJV) rubber-stamping the fact that you created me in your image. This information gives me hope and pleasure to constantly wake up to behold the next day even though it's tough and uncomfortable to face the world.

The world might have succeeded in squeezing me out of all available opportunities, but my hope and trust are in you, it might have weakened my spirit through all forms of abuse, but it gives me joy and happiness to know, you purposely put darkness between me and my enemies as you did on Deuteronomy 24: 7 (KJV) to deliberately separate me from all their enormity, and I do remember how Job suffered to a point he said; why I did not die from my mother’s womb on Job 2: 11 (KJV), but through all the difficulties, he never lost hope in our Lord God.

Surely the world might have broken me bit by bit, and it might have made me feel worthless, true, I might be walking in the shadow of death, but for the fact that you said; I must come to you with all my heavy burdens and you shall give me rest. Father, I come to you as dirty, and worthless as I am, and I surely bestow myself to you, because you always defend the weak as you did in Genesis 6 (KJV). You are my God and I have no other gods but you. Father, I give all of me to you.

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Lord Jesus Christ is my God, and I did not say yours because to you he might be a prophet or something else.



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