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If Only We Would First Pray

Jesus quoted scripture correctly that refuted the enemy’s temptation on Him in the desert. The result was that the words of Jesus were no match for the enemy. The bible teaches us that the devil left him and angels came to attend him. Read Matthew 4. 1-11

Only a man who prays will tell you there is a great force out there. And know what he is talking about. The enemy has had an age old plan to destroy the individual and the church.

A foolish man refuses to teach or encourage the church on matters regarding the wiles of the enemy. It is because he never prays. For if he was a praying man, much shall be revealed to him. His denial stems from his lack of prayer.

Prayer also helps us see the church as God would see it. How God sees the church of today is important. This is a very sensitive issue. There is much that we see around us that we are not in agreement with. There is much frustration in the church which has reached ‘boiling’ point. The life that Christ has called us to live as His body, is for some far from what scripture demands. Though we can judge the body and we are called to do so, it is here that we can make great mistakes. If only we would first pray surely things would be different. 

Prayer Reveals much! Prayer enables us to do what must be done! It is relatively simple - God's works are known whilst man Prays!

Let's Pray!

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