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How to chant psalm 109 to break those attacking your destiny

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Prayer is a verbal exchange among man and his God. while you pray it method you are communicating with you maker. One thing is that , we dont pray to regular human being however we pray to a supreme being (God). The author of the universe. The Lord who made heavens and the earth.

thanks for analyzing and sharing this newsletter, can also God furnish you your heart desired in Jesus call Amen.

In this article, am going to show you the way you'll chant psalm 109 to smash the ones behind your future and your development. it is all of us's dream that he /she will development in existence and have a very good destiny, however as we used to mention, "there may be no smoke without fireplace" . you have prayed lots for benefits and leap forward however your effort show futile, why ? because there may be anyone behind it

Dont cry no greater because the bible is our finest weapon. Do you need to destroy those attacking you? otherwise you need to shine in lifestyles and feature and favour with men or girls? The bible is a terrific spiritual weapon for people.

The way to do it.

Step 1. You need ashes: placed ashes on the ground and sit on it.


Step 2. You want 7 candles : mild up the candles and placed it at the ashes that is at the ground.

Step 3. You need a sheet of white paper: Take your white paper and write names. ( start the call from Sunday to Saturday, plelease write it seven times. Eg. Sunday born if he is a Male, he's referred to as Akwasi and if she is a woman she is known as Akosua.. ) and put it in the candle sticks. make sure it's all flat and positioned the candle on it when you put it inside the candles.

Step 4. You need your bible: Open your bible to PSALM 109. Please study the whole bankruptcy for 3 to 7 instances and pray with your faith.

Step 5. After the prayers, burn the piece of paper and allow it burn into ashes, please take the ashes and throw it in a circulation or simply throw it away.

don't forget

What you may say is what is going to appear, so attempt no longer to cry whilst someone who's attacking you die. due to the fact its work seriously.

God bless you for analyzing this newsletter, please comply with me ,proportion, like and comment.

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