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Ancestors will always be there for you

The best way to be guided is by your ancestors and not by healers who will tell you what u have to do and what you need out of the blue. Many people have lost money and time doing unnecessary things because of listening to the wrong people or healers.

Where you try and fix things and they go from bad to worse. Your ancestors will not mislead you if u are communicating with them correctly. If they guide you to a certain healer it is because that healer will do what they want you to know and do.

When I say you need to start by using this or that to opening a communication channel with your ancestors I am giving you the best way not to be led astray.

So many people wish to be in your position right now. Sometimes I wish I had known this earlier. It doesn't matter whether you are left with no family or not.

Your ancestors will always be there for you. You will always find you way so long as you can communicate with them.

Yes they speak in different ways and that's exactly why you need to be vigilant. So many people are going round in circles and most have even given up for their kids to suffer some more.

Find a way to make things right, and I promise you that you life will become easier.

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