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" What Bushiri did to our uncles and aunties can never be undone" - Man shares a video.

" What Bushiri did to our uncles and aunties can never be undone" - Man shares a video. 

Bushiri was once known as a powerful prophet and pastor. Many attended his church and believed that he was the Son of God. He was known to prophesy people and do miracles. Perhaps that's why he received a lot of followers. However, there are people who believe that he duped many people. 

@AdvoBarryRoux shared a video of Bushiri on social media. This video shows Bushiri prophesying to the lady while the lady calls him Papa and agrees to what he was saying. Yet, Bushiri never got to the point as he mentioned that he saw something spiritual happening in the lady's life but never explained what. This video led to @AdvoBarryRoux stating that what Bushiri did to our uncles and aunties can never be undone. 

Bushiri has since been out of the country since he was accused of money laundering. Since then, people have been showing videos of him where he is alleged to be misleading people, just like the one Barry shared on Twitter. People commented on the video and said the following: " Finish me papa. I was still waiting to hear what happened when she was 10 years 4 months old, & then papa moved there when she was born & still nothing hay man.. I feel robbed". 

" Something spiritual happened but he doesn't say what happened. How do you gain salvation from such prophecies". 

" I salute Bushiri’s hustler mindset. His last heist was within the first month of Lockdown, when he opened an online church with an R80 monthly subscription fee... and over 25K people subscribed. Math: R80 x 25K = R2M Where are his followers now?". 

Some people believe that Bushiri duped people of their hard-earned money. But what can we really expect in a world where people want miracles to happen? These miracles may include jobs and riches. 

At the end of the day, there is a saying that says that whatever one believes in, then it should work for them. Perhaps people believed in Bushiri and hoped that the miracles he preached upon them would come true. Nonetheless, the best one can do it believe in God without trusting that another person has a higher connection to God. 

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