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23 Midnight prayer points: Opinion

I took this on prophet Ian Ndlovu's page, we all know prophets Ian Ndlovu, he is one of the people that have been making rounds on social media. This men of God is known for his accuracy and prophetic utterances, he has spoken a lot of revelations that has come to pass in a way that every time when he is posted or his name is mentioned through the media platforms, a lot of people would want to read or hear him out.

His prophecies have got impact to people, we know that when he releases a prophecy it is only a matter of time before it comes to pass. So this man of God when he has such groups like this on social media, where they are posting things that can help us to grow spiritually, a person should take them serious.

This time we are given tips on midnight prayer points that we should pray during the darkest hour. There is power in the midnight prayer, if you can ask me. This is the time that people develop their intimacy with God, it is that time of the night were people pour out their hearts, where they have sensitive conversations with the Lord take place. Even as couples, most of the time the midnight sessions bring a strong bond weather sexually or midnight talk, it brings a strong bond between the two people, that are in love.

Most couples don't talk serious matters during the day when kids are around, they prefer during the midnight, because at that time, it is just set them against the world. Nobody else can hear them, everybody is asleep, even the whole town is also asleep. Now that becomes a time where they start to share their secrets, where they start opening their hearts. Things that they can't open up to any ordinary person open up. So midnight conversation with the Lord are also very important to us as Children of God, because a it will be that time where it is just you and God.

The time you can barely hear the sounds of cars driving, during that time you can barely hear the sound of people's feet wolking or even hear the voices of people talking. You can barely hear any noise around, so that is a very special time where you can now bond and have a special conversation with the Lord.

If you are one of the people that have got time to communicate with the lord during this special time, you are one of the strong christians around. You are one of the people that knows how to fight spiritual battles effectively. You are one of the people why the devil can't just do whatever he wants to do, whether with your family or over the city. You are one of the people that the devil know you can stop him and you're one of the people that disturbs the plans of demons over the lives of the people. Actually your family is living under grace, protected and provided for, because of you praying.

So if you have that system in place or if you are following that routine, don't leave it, hold on to it and continue to pray. It is working, you may not know it, but if you can ask the devil, he will tell you how much victory you have over him.

Here are the prayer points below, just go through them and be blessed


1. Father, thank you for your great works in my life. Thank you for the success of this week, thank you for seeing I and my family throughout this week. Glory be to your Name in Jesus Name.

2. Father please listen to my cry and put your eyes on me tonight as I pray in the Name of Jesus.

3. Father in the Name of Jesus, tonight let there be a fresh baptism of your presence in my life. I want to dwell in your presence, help me to stay in the realm of your presence in Jesus Name.

4. Father in the Name of Jesus, let your presence open me to higher realms of realities. Let your presence open me to angelic realms beginning from now in Jesus Name.

5. O LORD my God, Help me to dwell in the secret place, in your mercy draw me to your secret place in Jesus Name.

6. Father tonight I press on, show me your glory. Greater glory I pray tonight, let your glory bring favour, access and blessings upon my life in Jesus Name.

7. Father in the Name of Jesus, deposit in me a hunger for greater dimensions of you. Let it be released upon me tonight in Jesus Name.

8. Father, I have come to you tonight, refine my ear, purify my motives , refire my bones with your fire in Jesus Name.

9. Father help me to know your ways, help me learn your ways so I can produce results in Jesus Name.

10. In the Name of Jesus, I step into another dimension of increase. I come against every spirit of rising and falling in the Name of Jesus.

11. In the Name of Jesus, I step into another dimension of favour, favour with God, favour from men, favour on all sides. Father let me experience divine favour starting from now in Jesus Name.

12. In the Name of Jesus, I step into another dimension of ease. Whatsoever i lay my hands on shall come with ease in Jesus Name

13. In the Name of Jesus, I enter into another dimension of strength. Strength to go on with this journey, strength not to fail, I step into that dimension tonight in Jesus Name.

14. Father let your goodness encompass me tonight, let your favour come upon me tonight in the Name of Jesus.

15. Father in the Name of Jesus, I step into a dimension of new levels, transformation and glory in Jesus Name.

16. Father l look up to you alone. please surprise me and my family in a special way this week in Jesus Name.

17. Father I decree and declare that in this last months of the year let your rain of joy, peace, victory, favour and abundance come on me and my family in Jesus Name.

18. My Father by your mercy, remove every spirit of condemnation, limitations and stagnation from my life and family in Jesus Name.

19. O LORD let every garment of poverty, shame, affliction in my life and family catch fire right now in Jesus mighty Name.

20. Father, grant me grace to go through every trials, give me grace to overcome every temptations on my way in Jesus Name.

21. In the Name of Jesus, any glory gazers, monitoring my glory, let them catch fire now in Jesus Name.

22. Your personal prayer request

23. Thank God for answering your prayers


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