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"Cheers to us who never trusted Bushiri from day one, Our money did not go deeper into his pockets

Cheers 🥂 to us who never trusted Major One Bushiri from day one. Our money didn't go deeper into his pocket.This is one of the controversial people on Facebook. Sometimes she is supporting pastors, sometimes she is criticizing them. Sometimes she is supporting foreigners, sometimes is criticizing them. Sometimes she is criticizing black people, sometimes she is criticizing them, that's the kind of a person she is.

I don't think that this Facebook page is owned by an individual, it could be a group of people that are posting all that they want, but hiding themselves behind that identity. You know you can create an account on Facebook that you know you want to post different content. You want to post something that your friends must not think that it is you because it will be out of your character. So I think this is the case with this Facebook page, you can just follow her if you want to hear more from her reports, her name is Tracy Zille.

Thank you

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