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PRAYER: Lord, help me to be spiritually attentive so that I can notice distractions and keep going

"A compliant emerged from the Hellenists against the Hebrews as the number of disciples increased"( (Acts 6:1).

Distraction is a misdirection, a state of calling attention in many ways; it is a state of things that is confusing. It's the surest way to fail if you don't have a stable interest rate. When the elects are unstoppable, this is the easiest route for the devil to take. A person without direction, on the other hand, is considered to be incapable of being distracted because he is diversion personified. So, in order to avoid distraction, one must have a plan and be focused in life.

The first century disciples were at peace and content with their immediate community as God began to extend their company. A large number of priests were faithful to the religion (Acts 6:7). These were the same people who had previously resisted Christ's ministry. The devil can't be content. On a minor topic - food distribution to widows - he discreetly re-entered through the back door. Someone must have noticed anything unusual and shared the word. That is the devil's most typical tactic.

The church's leadership was spiritually awake and took the appropriate action to prevent the intentional diversion. Distractions must be avoided by God's people. Anything of no worth can be exaggerated to colossal proportions only to divert attention away from the purpose. It might originate from the family, the workplace, or even the religion.

Many churches have become diverted from the divine call to gain souls and encourage people. Some people were just interested in cathedrals, superstructures, and landed properties, merely comparing notes with those who had no interest in the church. Are we being led astray?

THOUGHT CONTROL: When you are unstoppable to the devil, he will try to divert your focus.

PRAYER: Lord, help me to be spiritually attentive so that I can notice distractions and keep going.

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