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Meet The Catholic Priest Who Quit The Work Of God Just To Marry The Author Of A ‘Satanic’ Book

A 52-year-old Spanish minister known as Xavier Novell has stopped crafted by God after he was allegedly fell head over heels for a writer of 'evil' fiction book. 

The Catholic Priest, Mr. Novel who was the most youthful cleric in the year 2010 in Spain, has at long last surrendered toward the finish of the month before. He quit's from the administrations of God for some close to home reasons. One of the famous Catholic distributions, Religion Digital made a report that Novell and Silvia, the creator are seeing someone. 

Xavier clarified that he has "become hopelessly enamored" and besides, he "needed to try and make the best choice" when he was gotten some information about his relationship with this Silvia (the woman who composed The Hell of Gabriel's Lust and the sensual set of three Amnesia). 

The book we are discussing here "The Hell of Gabriel's Lust" profoundly talks about otherworldliness, twistedness and covers the crude battle among great and malevolence, God and Satan, and even heavenly messengers and evil spirits too. 

Many reports even case that Pope Francis asked Xavier to have an expulsion himself to "free his upset soul" – yet he didn't consent to it by any stretch of the imagination. 

Xavier has recently gone under some fire before for his connects to supposed "gay transformation treatment". He was intensely blamed for holding a wedding between a lady and one of the youngsters who went to the "therapy" – without the help or assent of the neighborhood minister or even the lady's folks. 

Xavier has additionally been a blunt ally of the autonomy of Catalonia. Two previous pastors from the agitator Catalan government who were even detained on charges of dissidence were a portion of the individuals who communicated their help of Xavier's abdication. 

It is exceptionally grievous that a minister who ought to be viewed as an illustration is conflicting with the standard of a cleric and doing such things.


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