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Dreams and their meaning. It is dangerous to ignore your dreams

God reveals a lot to us thru our desires.

irrespective of your religion, religion or creed, God has a manner of caution or telling us what lies ahead of us in our lives.

permit's examine some of the desires we on occasion have and what they honestly suggest;

1.Being chased and caught with the aid of someone - you are weak spiritually

2. Being baptized - Repentance; you want to alternate a number of your ways

3. caught in a trap - issue transferring forward in life

4. Sitting on a horse - leadership

5. putting traps - you're making sure plans in life that allows you to be successful

6. singing in a dream - Overcoming a hassle

7. Being bare in a dream - shame

8. Being slapped in a dream - insanity/sickness

9. wearing grimy clothes - You aren't smooth earlier than God

10. wearing a white material - Victory/ sanctification

11. walking barefooted - Poverty

12. Seeing the moon or stars - Glory

13. Seeing end result - you may quickly acquire proper things in lifestyles

14. Seeing Fish or catching fishes - Prosperity

15. selecting eggs - Fertility/childbirth

16. Seeing a cocoa or maize farm - If the vegetation are healthy, it indicates prosperity.

If the crops are withered or bad, it signifies backwardness

17. Seeing a tree without leaves - scarcity/lack of meals

18. Seeing a cloud in the front of you - temptations

19. Seeing a cloud at the back of you - sign of victory

20. Seeing a dove - Holiness

21. Seeing a snake - deception; you will be deceived and upset by many

22. when a teeth is removed - lack of glory

23. Receiving a handkerchief - marriage/victory

24. meeting a mad guy - sickness, trouble or inconvenience

25. picking cash - trouble

26. Seeing oil, or when oil is being poured on you - divine favour

27. conserving a key - Prosperity

28. Dreaming about rainfall - blessings

29. Being chased with the aid of an animal(snake, cattle, horse, donkey or pig) - physical or religious forces are when you.

30. Receiving bread - good fortune and lengthy lifestyles.

Please take your goals critical and pray about them.

If they may be horrific may additionally God change them for you, and if they may be true might also He allow them to come to pass.

in case you ignored the element one in every of this text, or if you want to get access to the component three and all of the next elements, please observe me.

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