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Look who was the alleged boyfriend of Rev Lucy Natasha before she met her Indian guy: Opinion

The social media will forever be fighting against men and women of God. It is a big problem now that the social media is a nomore being used for positive purposes, it is no more used for Godly purposes, but for demonic purposes. Now social media is used in an evil because they are bringing content that is got nothing to do with the public, just because they want somebody to look bad.

If the Lucy dated Jay Israel before, what is the matter with that? What does that concern the public? This social media Influencers are really being used by the devil, going around breaking ministries, breaking relationships that the people have with the men of God. They want to make Christianity look bad. They are trying by all means to make pastors look bad, they are trying by all means to make churches look bad, they are trying by all means to make christians look bad. They are trying by all means to make God look bad, they are trying by all means to discredit the Bible as the word of God, but of course these people their day is coming.

Rev Lucy Natasha is a certified baby charlatan, did you know she was dating Jay before moving on to the Indian husband charlatan that she was hooked up with by Jeremiah Ommoto? Dare me and I'll post the many of their immoral video calls.

It doesn't matter weather Lucy Natash has dated Jay Israel or not. What the matters is that she is now found the one whom her soul delights. What matters is, she has now find the love of her life, it doesn't matter who made the connections between the 2 of them, but as long as they found each other.

So stay away from such issues and let people live their lives in peace. The Bible says, "whatsoever God has put together, let no man put asunder. How do you know if it is God that has put them together, you stand a chance of seeing yourself fighting against God, becareful.

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