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Zimbabweans outrageous in a fake prophecy that never was

There was a social media outburst when Zimbabwean most celebrated accurate prophet was embroiled in a missed prophecy.The prophet mislead Zimbabwe in relation to a missing boy who was found dead.

According to posts on his timeline the prophet began by calling out the headmaster in 96 hours of which According to proof at our disposal the headmaster called him barely after 48 hours.

He then provided information which we regard too confidential in which he received threats from powerful government agencies, the prophet was informed that the people knew his homestead and provided with pictures of both his parents in the garden near a rear.

Upon seeing this he also received thousands of backlash from people asking him why he wanted fame through the boy.

The accurate prophet says he went to write the opposite of the situation because of threats and thought it wise to deal with God than losing parents.

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