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Co-founder of SA Satanic Church RESIGNS after turning to GOD

Recent events led to the resignation of a co-founder of the South African Satanic Church. This co-founder resigned after Christians demonstrated unconditional love for him. 

As a result of Christians demonstrating unconditional love for the co-founder of the South African Satanic Church, he recently RESIGNED from his position as leader of the church. This was some unexpected news. 

The South African Satanic Church has lost a co-founder when he resigned from his position. 

On May 30, 2022, Riaan Swiegelaar, one of the co-founders of the South African Satanic Church (SASC), tendered his resignation as the presiding priest of the contentious church. Swiegelaar had held the position since the church's inception. 

Riaan not only gave his resignation from his position on the church council, but he also terminated his membership in the organization. 

When people come from a broken place, a significant number of them have a resonance with satanism. 

In a very emotional moment, Riaan shared his thoughts by stating, "To this day, there have only been four Christians in my entire life who have demonstrated to me what unconditional love is." 

He mentioned that one of the people who helped him, Adele Frey, sent him a message in which she explained that the only thing she did to help was to show him love.

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