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Performing a back to the sender that is effective and has quick result.

Back to the sender.

1. Red candle

2. Black candle

3. 7 needles

Please take a paper write everything you want to see happening to those who are cursing you and blocking your ways.

Then after writing your problems on the paper ,then light your candle then take your paper the one you wrote your problems then burn it using candle flame.🔥 

Pray for 3 days at 00:00 prayer and 03:00am prayer on the last day let it burn to finish ,then take the candle wax and your 7 needles go to the forestry when you get there at the forestry dig a small hole ,put the candle wax and 7 needles burned paper ashes inside the hole.

then close the hole with the same soil you have dig out the hole then put black candle on top of the hole.

you have closed it with soil then light the black candle then leave it there to burn to finish, or to burn then go straight to home on your way back home don't talk to anyone. When you get home bath with your first urine to block and prevent # phendamushaye and phendelamuva when you do this ritual please please please do not call anyone by their names God and your ancestors knows them.


Bath the hole body with your urine # rinse your self. # kushubile # kuya phuthuma please this back to sender is very powerful and dangerous do it but think twice.

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