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Here is what to do with shoes of a dead person

What about wearing a deceased's shoes? I heard that Jews don't use them. Why? Answer: Sefer Hasidim1 says that one should not wear the shoes of a deceased person.

However, this rule has been interpreted differently: a) Some say that this command is based on a Talmudic statement2 that a dream in which a deceased comes to take an item is a positive sign, unless it is about shoes . From waking thoughts there emerges a fear that wearing a deceased's shoes will make the person think during the day about what may be causing this "bad omen" dream.

According to this line of reasoning, there are no exceptions to this rule. b) Another reason given is that leather is a source of contagious diseases.If it is clear that the person did not die of a communicable disease, such as if the person dies or dies in an accident, wearing their shoes would not be a problem.

Following this line of reasoning, some say that the rule only applies if the person died while wearing the shoes, while others say that they should not be worn if the deceased wore them during the person's last illness. c) Others have a very different twist on the words of Sefer Hasidim.

They understand the mandate that applies to shoes made from the skin of a deceased animal whose death was the result of an illness: "The shoes of a dead [animal] must not be worn"!

The reason for this ban is the fear of transmitting the disease that knocked down the animal wearing the shoes. According to this interpretation, wearing shoes that were worn by a deceased person is not a problem. determine your family / community tradition on this matter. If your community doesn't have a defined custom, you can choose the opinion above that suits your tastes.

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