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To Remain in His Presence

The enemy has devised a counter strategy to have us not to pray. The Church does not easily see it, for it comes in one of those well-disguised, well wrapped plans of his. The Body of Christ is only wise and strong as long as they remain in the Presence of the Lord. As long as the Believer remains in the shelter of the Most High, the well wrapped plans of the enemy will not be able disguise itself before a Child of God. It's camouflage will be seen, its fake sound will be known and its unholy presence will be felt. For many however we have been fooled by our faults. Our spiritual eyes have not opened and therefore failed to see that his plan has a name on it called Religion. For Religion by definition also includes serving other gods. We have unfortunately brought this into our Churches. For the Christian it has an address on it called works. It says ‘Go to work instead to pray ' And so we go to work before we go to pray. Our duty however should always be God first! 

In hope we must go to the Lord even when our faith seems to be dwindling. The more we approach Him, the more the chance of our faith rising as a Spiritual House before Him. This pleases Him!

Let’s Pray

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