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"The 12 sons of Jacob came to Egypt in famine left Egypt about 2 Million, where did they get wives?

A lot of people don't realise that the Bible does not need an academic interpretation. The Bible is not of the academic knowledge, that is why even the English that is used in the Bible, sometimes it does not make sense.

It only takes the people who reads the Bible more often to understand, what the Bible is trying to say. The Bible is written in mysteries, it is a book of God that brings revelation.

So you cannot interpret the Bible academically. You can't use your academic skills to interpret the Bible. The subject of science, mathematics, history, geography, life orientation and English, all those subjects cannot help you to understand the Bible.

The best way to understand the Bible, it is through the same spirit that wrote it, through the revelation that is given by the spirit of God, through prayer and asking god what is he saying on the written script.

You must know that there is a verse, then there is a word from God. There is a written word in the Bible, then there is a spoken word of God. Now a person need to find the spoken word in the written word. A person needs to find what God is saying on the papers or the script.

A lot of people don't get the the word, they get the Script, therefore they interpret the Script, but not the word of God. I know that Joshua Maponga is a very knowledgeable man, but he cannot use his logic to understand the Bible. After all, what he is saying does not make sense because, in Egypt they were women.

When the Bible is saying 2 million, the Jewish custom does not come to women and children. So woman for them to marry were there, but it's just that they were not recorded.

"If the 12 sons of Jacob came to Egypt during famine ...and they left Egypt about 2 Million Israelites ....Where did they get their wives??"

The theology problem is people don't want to think of Israel as Afrikan . As a result they think of it as contamination .. how did whites become slaves in Egypt... At this era!

The "whitewashing" of the Bible is the greatest hoax Christianity does not want to admit!

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