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4 Important Things to Avoid When Expecting Miracles and Blessings from God

Many times in life we ​​find ourselves between the devil and the deep blue sea. saving us is a miracle, not just a normal process. Basically, at these times in life, people turn to their religion to ask for ransom from everyone they worship. 

However, those of us who believe in God are generally the most privileged because we know that we are serving a living God who is able and always ready to show His mighty works through us. necessary sacrifices and then again in the hope of waiting for God to grant the desires of our hearts. 

So there are things to avoid while waiting for God in order not to lose the answers to your prayers because the answers to your prayers may not come as you expect them or the people you are looking for. on, so it is necessary to watch every corner. Here are the four most important things to avoid while awaiting God's blessings and miracles.

# 1 Avoid Human Guilt This is a generally negligent attitude that leads many people to problems they are unaware of. Owing to people while praying to God to pay you, bless you, honour you, or show mercy is very wrong, especially if you are better off than the people you owe. Money you owe someone can be what you hope to address some personal needs. that counteracts your prayers while you wait at home to be answered.

# 2 Avoid Resentments and Resentments Anger itself is a very important tool of the enemy in dealing with a man. against you without knowing if the help you are praying for is from your celebrated enemy. 

It is important to point out that your help may come from the person you least expected, it may be the source or the path to the source of your solution, so in waiting, have peace with everyone, so that your blessings have no limit comes.

# 3 Avoid Mumbling to Others This is usually a quiet, subtle, but very lethal attitude that should be avoided even if you are not expecting a miracle. Talk badly of the people behind their backs, but smile at them when they show is another form of witchcraft. So there is a dent in your personality because your help may come from someone you have spoken badly about in the past and possibly overheard you.No doubt they want to show you that what you've said in the past is just the tip of the iceberg.

# 4 Avoid Fighting (Both Physical and Verbal) Everyone wants peace, including those that are controversial. Kind of fight and scolding. Avoid verbal confrontations with strangers as you can meet them again if necessary. Respect everyone and try to be at peace with yourself and then with everyone else. other things will surely come up. Finally, avoid sin. Sin is the only thing that removes us from God and denies us His innumerable promises. May all achieve what their hearts ardently desire, what is God's will.

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