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Prayer: O Lord, Please May Death Never Be My Portion Until My Glory Appears

Scripture: Mark 9:42-49 

Isaiah 66:24: "And they shall walk forth, and look at the carcases of the men who have transgressed against me: for their worm shall not die, nor shall their fire be quenched; and they shall abhor all flesh."

If you're sick of hearing man's speech, switch to the frequency of heaven and hear the Almighty plainly.

Tonight, I'd want to offer you a special prayer. May you never find yourself in a situation where you are unable to escape.

A collision between a fuel tanker and a chicken bus occurred on an expressway at somewhere, resulting in an accident. A fire broke out as a result of the crash.

The conflagration claimed the life of the bus driver who was transporting chicken.

Chickens kept in the bus died as well. Seeing the innocent birds charred to death was excruciatingly awful. The chickens fought miserably and pitifully inside the cage, slamming their heads against the bars in an attempt to break free, but they were unable to do so.

Hellfire is precisely like this. It's a point beyond which there's no way back.

Your memories will be afflicted by hellfire. It's a never-ending fire of "had I known" regrets. Hell is a realm of unfulfilled longing, frustration, and rage. It was built for Satan and his fallen angels, not for humans. You must not intend to visit the fiery pits of hell. 

Allowing your eternal soul to perish is something you must avoid. Allowing the vehicle of the flesh to drive you to hell fire is not an option.

Excuses aren't tolerated by hellfire. You won't be able to say that God treated you unfairly there.

You won't be able to say God dealt you a bad hand. Sinners will undoubtedly end up here. You must not lead a life that will lead to your eternal damnation.

As a result, if you sin, it will be your fault rather than God's. It's the fruit of your labors on this planet.

Hell is a divine psychiatric facility; it's a divine dump. It's a madhouse where God holds folks who've led a life of insanity. The divine sanctuary of hellfire.

You must not perish in the fiery pits of hell! Nothing you do should cause you to be transferred from God's house to the fires of hell. 

What important lessons await us today! Hell isn't a fictional place. It exists, and it is where sinners go when they die.

Prayer points:

Allow the power of Jesus' name, which is greater than all names, to wipe out the strongman's wicked name.

My name is stained with Jesus' blood.

In the name of Jesus, I am given power to divide my Red Sea.

Oh Lord, deliver me from satanic lions, according to Daniel's command, in Jesus' name.

In the name of Jesus, thou altar of affliction, die.

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