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OPINION: How do you see if he is the real prophet or not? Let's join the conversation


25 October 2021

Sunday drive

Please note that this article does not support racism, criticism and gender based violence. However, if you see any insulation comment, please report them.

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We all know that it is very rare nowadays to find a true prophet. Most of them are after money, others looking for a great content to become celebrities and others are just being used by the bad spirits they joined.

In order to get full insight of the article, please continue reading and you will understand better with others engaging under the comment section.

You can be a sangoma but there effects to follow, either bad or good. You can prophecies bad things to people and they never happen, that simply means you will not be recognised anymore.

Remember prophet Rhadebe from twitter? Almost everyone is following him because of his true and promising.

He once predicted about the internet shutdown and people laughed at him but it happened last month.


It is not about money or fame, being a prophet or sangoma is a calling and people should stick to that

. Thanks for engaging and your friends should know this through your shares

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