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It must be compulsory for pastors to be theology graduates, the church may be normal again: Opinion

I do believe one of the effective way to drain a lot of gimmicks that we are seeing in churches is theological training. They wouldn't be that much if people have been bible students before.

I'm not saying the Bible college can reduce the mentality of most pastors way to be the peversive or can you give them some moral values, if you are not raised well both by God and your parents there's nothing that can change you to behave better.

I think it will give them a certain sense of responsibility. As you can see for a medical doctor to interact with his patients and do the things that he is doing effectively, it is because he is trained for it. He may have his own scandals, but when he is at work he's at work. He is it taught how to be a professional, a doctor may have a broken home or a malfunctioning business, but be effective at his work.

Most of these pastors they misbehave at work, like when you see pastors laying on top of ladies in church, just because the spirit says so. Which spirit? The Bible school can give you a sense of decency, and we know what the school environment does to the students. All of us have been to school, from primary, High School and tertiary education, we know there's a certain sense of discipline that it comes with being a student and being in the presence of a teacher.

Teachers are not just people who teach Mathematics, science and all those subjects, they also teach life orientation, which means they contribute to the morality of the kids. So when a pastor has been in the school environment, the school environment will contribute a little bit to his character when he is at work, or when he has now he is now out of the school to face life. A lot of young people now, they drop out from schools, when they can't find work, the next thing that they do is to get hold of the Bible, go around and preach. The more they do it, the more they get these ideas in their heads to go astray.

Some of them they are not called, they have just studied how preachers preach, and how church is done, but crookedly, that's all what they needed to deceive people. Not everybody that you see with the Bible out there is called by God to do His work. Some of them they called themselves, some of them they were called by hunger, and some of them they were called by the lust for fame, women and power.

So the Bible training can at least contribute 20% to a decent character of a pastor. Sometimes the pastor may not be having a good behaviour, but because he's biblically trained, he can have a sound interpretation of the scriptures, and be reasonable is his weaknesses. Not to be a total failure in everything, they can't preach the truth, and they can't live the truth, now that makes church a joke. So it is very important for pastors to be theologically trained, the school helps a lot, it can reduce some of the taboos that we are seeing in churches.

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