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God Is Fighting Your Battles If You Notice These 5 Things In Your Life

As Christians, the battles fought by the enemy cannot be won. However, it is only when we are spiritually awake that we can actually see that God is fighting for us. God is always on our side as long as we rely on Him.

 Although we cannot see the physical conflict between God and the devil, some events in our lives can give us proof that God has been on our side even though we deserve to be destroyed.

 In this post, we will look at 4 signs that God is fighting our battle.

 Some of these signs are:

 1. Your former adversaries are turning to you.

 The Devil is not involved in the war. Instead, they deceive you into thinking that you can be successful. God is on your side, on the other hand, you will see that these people are beginning to submit to you. Some of them may even admit that they made mistakes and ask for forgiveness.

 2. The snares set for you begin to spread

 God removes all traces of the enemy's plan to harm you. It will not hurt you at all if there are any traps or snares set by others. Instead, individuals who set traps will be the first ones to seduce them. For example, King Saul sought to kill David. However, his attempt to kill David failed because God was with David.

 3. God begins to reveal the evil plan that is working against you.

 God is beginning to reveal all the evil plans that He has planned for you. As a result, you will be able to escape and the evil intentions will not be realized.

 4. Things that affect others don't affect you.

 If you are not harmed by things that hurt others, God will fight your battles for you. For example, people may get sick around you when you are healthy and strong.

 5. You have a great idea.

 The presence of God in your life guarantees that you will be successful and successful in whatever you want. With God's help, you are able to do more directly than others who may have difficulty finding what they need.

 May God fight all our battles in Jesus' Name.

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