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Prayer: Father, Give Me Peace Like A River So That Many Troubled Souls Can Contact Me And Find Peace

"Oh, if only thou hadst obeyed my commands! Then had thy righteousness been like the waves of the sea, and thy peace had been like a river." Isaiah 48:18

If you want to live a long and happy life, you must prevent your mouth from speaking bad, do good, and avoid evil. You must seek and pursue peace. This means that whenever a quarrel arises, you must do all possible to bring about peace. You must pursue peace with vigour. "When a man's actions please the Lord, he makes even his foes to be at peace with him," Proverbs 16:7 says. We may see a correlation between our relationship with God and the type, duration, and depth of our peace from this verse.

Jesus is referred to be the Prince of Peace in Isaiah 9:6. To put it another way, Jesus is the creator and real keeper of peace. You won't be able to enjoy enduring serenity until you first please Him. What type of tranquility do you have? Your relationship with the Prince of Peace is reflected in the peace you have. If you please Him, He can resolve any disagreements you have with your adversaries. If you wish to resolve a disagreement between you and your foes, or even between you and your loved ones, but you keep the Prince of Peace at arm's length, you aren't ready.

"Oh, that thou hadst obeyed my commands!" Then had thy justice been like the waves of the sea, and thy peace like a river:" Isaiah 48:18

We can see from this verse that entire obedience to God is one of the most important ways to please God and find peace. Peace is also compared to a river in this passage. This signifies that peace is in the air. It's something from which others can learn.

Unfortunately, some people's peace is insufficient for them, let alone sharing it to others. Do you feel at ease? Is it possible for you to bring calm to others' tumultuous situations? Is it possible for your peace to spread to others? What is the state of your connection with God? It is possible to improve any condition. Improve your obedience to God and things will begin to turn around for you. The currency for buying God's peace is pleasing Him and keeping His commandments.

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