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Nimrod Nkosi Left Mzansi Talking After Exposing Pastors Who Are Sangoma & A Pastor In #Amabishop

Nimrod Nkosi Left Mzansi Talking After Exposing Pastors Who Are Sangoma & A Pastor In #Amabishop 

Tonight's episode is going to spark a huge debate between Christians and and a healer or a sangomas. This is gonna be interesting, Christianity and African Spirituality. Mzansi has been asking if is it possible for someone to be both a Pastor and a Sangoma, What’s the difference between African religion anf Christianity? Some are saying its either Jesus Christ or the king of the world we can't do both they deceiving here.

Many people think that African spirituality are a Witchcraft. African spirituality is not witchcraft, it's the African way to communicate to God, same to the western religion. It's for the people of West. Bible was written by Africans and all the prophet's in the Bible were black, that's why Africans are the most spiritual people worldwide, they lost everything because of disobedience. Many people have been bullied in churches because of African spirituality while there are pastors who are deep in getting rich quickly.

He's a traditional healer and a pastor? I like this pastor who is also a healer. Most pastors use Muthi to attract more people to attend their churches. Traditional healers are not the enemy of the church. The real enemies are the pastors who use muthi to get more congregants.

According to this Sangoma/Pastor you can’t use muthi on Sunday morning & go to church. What’s wrong with using muthi on Sunday if there’s nothing wrong with using muthi on the other days of the week?

The problem with these so called pastors is that they tell their church members not to take medicine and trust in prayers while them and this families take medication when they’re sick.

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