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God Is Fighting Your Battles If You Notice 5 Things In Life

As long as you keep your mind active, you can rest assured that God is fighting on your side. Instead, employ manipulation to get other people to try to injure you or make you look bad. But with God on your side, you will see that they eventually give up; some will even repent and come to you for help. An excellent example can be found in the Biblical story of Joseph and his brothers. The people who formerly opposed you are now giving up.

1. Satan will not physically appear before you. Instead, he uses deceit to bring about your downfall or the hurt of others. However, when God is on your side, you will see that these people give in. Some of them may even come clean about their misbehavior and beg for forgiveness.

In this regard, the biblical story of Joseph and his brothers serves as a useful example. After several years of servitude in Egypt, Joseph's brothers readily admitted to selling him into slavery. In Genesis 50:20, Joseph says that even though they meant him harm, God actually helped them out.

2. All the bad influences, traps, and plots against you have been scattered. God will destroy every evil plot against your life. Even if you were caught in a trap, they wouldn't hurt you. Those that cheat you end up as their victims; King Saul, for instance, went looking for David so he could have him killed. However, since God was on David's side, none of his attempts to eliminate him were ever effective.

3.God exposes the devil's plots God starts to expose all the evil plans that have been made against you. This way, you can get away from harm's way and prevent any nefarious plans from coming to fruition.

4. You are immune to the pain and suffering that others experience. It's a sign from God that He's on your side if you're never affected negatively by other people's misfortune. Some of your loved ones may fall ill, but you'll keep on strong even if they do.

5. Don't forget to enjoy the success you've achieved. God's presence in her life gives her the upper hand no matter what happens to those who try and fail to obtain the same things she does.

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