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Reasons Why a lady preacher asked Christians to stop applying perfumes on their body.


A female preacher was shown in a viral video instructing Christians to avoid wearing perfume on their bodies, which sparked considerable debate about why they should. Perfumes are commonly thought to make people smell better, but here's why she claimed that: 

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It's unscriptural, she believes: 

Despite the fact that perfumes are mentioned in the Bible in multiple verses, she believes Jesus told Christians not to use them, citing Isaiah 3:24 as evidence. People who use perfume on the final day, according to her, will smell like gutters, but have a look at verse 16 of that chapter. It discussed God's warning to the ladies of Jerusalem because of their arrogance, and how the Lord will punish them for their actions. 

Although the Bible is verse-by-verse, and people interpret it in their own manner, pray for the spirit of knowledge and discernment before reading it, and be wary of most preaching you hear outside. I’m

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