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"No need to panic, no need for travel ban, God said He is in control of this Omicron variant (Ndovu)

Prophet Ian Ndlovu the founder of Kingdom Baptist Church that is based in Bulawayo Zimbabwe. The man of God that has been prophesying several events that has come to pass, the man of God is very accurate in his predictions. He prophesied about quite a number of events that we have witnessed being fulfilled. He even prophesied the first wave of Corona and how it will end.

Every time when this man speaks the whole world listens, though they are other people that are always critics of what the prophets of God are saying, but in them being critical they would not pass without listening to what the prophet is saying. Which means even in their criticism they still have little bit of belief in what the men of God are saying about the situation. Everybody wants to hear what is the direction, what is God saying about the situation, especially on this fourth wave, omicron variant that is about to sweep the world.

The men of God is saying, "God said He is in control, He is saying there is no need for all these restrictions on traveling that were put against Southern African, that they must not fly to other countries. God himself said he is in control, he said very soon this will be the thing of the past. At the end of these prophecy, he is encouraging people and warning them that in saying this, he does not mean that the people should be careless, people should continue to take all the precaution measures that are needed for them to get through the coronavirus, or that which is required for people to do.

The message is, there is no need for the world to panic, he then quote from the book of psalms chapter 23, where the Bible says, "even though I walk through the valley of the shadow of death, I will fear no evil, for the Lord is with me. So he says the Lord is with us, the Lord has the situation under control, and the Lord is in control of the variant. The same God that kept us through the first pandemic, would also keep us through this one. He said this soon it'll be the thing of the past.

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