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Life after losing a loved one

What happens when you are forced to lose one of your parents at an age where you need them the most ?

Forced to adjust to the new norm and suddenly you are forced to grow up and become a pillar of the family ,let's say you find yourself doing things just to feel the love that isn't there anymore then you suddenly lose yourself and whilst trying to figure out life and come to terms with the fact that you will never see your parent then you lose the one you were left with ....what then ?do you somehow adapt to the pain of losing your first parent or do you grieve and hate yourself more for not focusing on the parent God spared for you ?

Life is full of wonder ,you spend time being consumed by anger and before you know it ,it's too late and you can't turn back the hands of time to fix the mistakes of the past , maybe you could say I love you more ,spend an extra second with your loved one ,make tea for them ,listen to their endless stories but I guess it's a bit too late now that God has called them .

How does one Grieve ???I beg you to tell me how does one let go of a loved one ?when is the right time to move on ? Because I know grieving doesn't have a time frame.

Only if God gave you a heads up to fix your mistakes and apologise before taking a loved one maybe the worl would be filled with people who don't have emotional trauma and scars.

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