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Church Service Turns Party Grounds As Altar Boys Burn Weed Instead Of Incense In Church

A joke that quickly escalated into a serious police investigation resulted in the arrest of the two alleged mass servers and the filing of various charges against them. The burning of incense during Mass is a common occurrence in Catholic churches across the world. During a mass service, it is believed that the ritual of burning incense helps to create the proper environment for prayer.

On that auspicious day, two altar boys from Spain, who were serving mass, chose to burn Indian hemp (or marijuana) in the censer-burner instead of the normal incense, as a mark of their devotion. In the censer-burner, the two boys dropped half a kilogram of marijuana, lighted it, and then swung about the church auditorium, yelling and screaming. The entire Santiago de Compostela Cathedral was taken aback when they caught a whiff of the weird, peculiar odor that had enveloped them.

According to the other aides who were present during the Mass, the fragrance that they detected was really strange and out of the ordinary.

As one of the lay servers put it, "it didn't smell as bad as it usually does." 'It was a familiar smell, but I couldn't put my finger on it since it reminded me of cannabis.' The two altar boys were captured and detained in their tracks before the situation could deteriorate any further, authorities said. They were apprehended and put into custody by the police. After being interrogated by the authorities, the boys admitted that the unusually strong odor was marijuana. They added that they wished for the church members to be really satisfied when they left the church grounds.

They said that it was all a joke and that the idea came to them on the eve of Mass. We purchased more than half a kilo of marijuana, which we placed in the censer-burner to burn. We wanted to make certain that everyone left the Cathedral happier than they had been before.' Following their extermination, the lads were told to 'go and sin no more,' but they were also forbidden from serving at the altar. They will no longer be able to carry out their responsibilities as members of the church.


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