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Why is it so difficult to trust in the Lord?

When days are dark, friends are few that is the truth. people do not want to affiliate themselves with anyone who is going through a tough time for one reason or the other. But have you ever noticed that it is easy to trust in the Lord when everything is fine and all is working accordingly? But it is another thing to trust in the Lord when the days are dark?

Throughout the Bible, the lord commands instruct and begs us to trust in Him and we shall witness him work miracles in our lives and deliver us. It's easier said than done right? yeah, it is. No just to you or me even to the pastors and reverends and bishops. When the going gets tough they all find it hard to believe and have faith, after all, they are human.

1 Samuel 28:3-25 King Saul, the first King of Israel killed all mediums in the land, and by sheer luck one survived. A man who had walked with Samuel got scared when he saw the Philistine army and just like that he we to consult a medium. He couldn’t pray no more, it was difficult.

King Saul struggled and so can we. The only reason to that is that we are of little faith. God told Isaiah to tell us that whoever trusts in Him , man or female, boy or girl will mount up with wings like an Eagle, He will soar about problems, above trials, above temptations above all things like an eagle and shall run and never get weary, Isaiah 40:31. We all love tangible things, things we can see. No wonder people are being sold olive oil and tap water under the pretence of holy water and oil. we should learn to trust in the Lord and we walk by faith and not by sight in that way we will see God's miraculous workings in life.

If you went to Sunday School , you will probably remember the story of Jesus walking on water. Peter went out to meet him as he was walking he lost trust in Jesus and started sinking. He allowed a shadow of doubt to cross his mind, Matthew 14:22-33.

Today we still behave like Peter and start doubting Christ when we supposed to be trusting in him entirely. The only reason we struggle we struggle with trusting and waiting on God is because we are of little faith. Hence it’s easy to be swayed when storms start.

It is my prayer to date that God makes me resilient so that I can be able to have faith and trust in him, when the storms of this life come.

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