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The hardest part about going through hard times is watching the hurt and pain that my children suffer. Working through my own fears and doubts was a lot of work but it was nothing compared to the heartache I felt over my sweet babies. They had done nothing to deserve what happened to them. Knowing that my foolish choices opened the door to their pain was something I struggled with for a very long time.

Conditions for any soul to enter

Heaven is because is created out of Gold and previous Stones

Revelation 21 : 18

1.No filthy souls will be allowed to enter

2. No lying tongues will be allowed

3. No idolatry worshippers will be allowed

4. No immoral perverts will be allowed

5. No false prophets and magic persons

will be allowed to enter

6. No murders , No Rapists ,

No kidnappers of children and women .

Instead a special place will be prepared for them , where they will meet in hellfire, burning with sulphur .

Luke : 16 : 25 - 31

Happy are those who are pure in heart will see God .

Mathew 5 : 8

Gold is pure , whatever you do with Gold ,

can't change its contents or colour .

God is like gold , he does not change

Heaven is made out gold , surrounded by the glory of God , guarded by many shining Angeles .

God is light , his glory circles the heavens , his words is life .

He was there in the beginning

He is there now , he will be there in the end of times .

ISAIAH 45 : 12

God says

I am the one who made the earth and created human race to live in there

By my power , I stretched out the heavens , i control the sun , the moon and stars .

ISAIAH 66 : 1 - 2

The Lord says

Heaven is my throne and the earth is my footstool , where can you build a house or resting place for me ?

I myself created all this things , I made the whole universe , I am pleased by those who are humble and repent from their sins , who fear me and obey me .

Lesson learned from this devotion

What is the heavens look like ?

Who created all this things ?

What is our hearts should be to enter heaven ?

Who will not enter heaven ?

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