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"No rod is long enough to reach the desires of a woman, it takes spiritual satisfaction (Maphonga)

Joshua Maponga as controversial as always, but then I've realised that he has gained fame. He has gained a lot of fans because of his sayings. Some people are calling it wisdom, but myself I don't see it as wisdom.

Joshua Maponga tells himself that he has found the way, when he has actually lost the way. Joshua Maponga tells himself that he has found wisdom, when he has actually lost Wisdom. Joshua Maponga tells himself that, he has found true spirituality, when he has actually lost true spirituality.

I don't even know now, which God is he worshipping? Is he an atheist or is he a satanist? Which God is he now worshiping. This man is totally lost, by the way, the inside will always judge self thoughts and ideas.

You will still be without peace of mind, trust me, no matter how bad you are, no matter what you say or what you do. They will be that inner voice that will always tell you that God exist. There's that inner conviction that will always give it to your thoughts and beliefs that they might be a lie, especially when they are thoughts and beliefs that contradicts the existence of God.

Everyone of us have got a sixth sense, that sense is a sense of the spirit. It communicates to the inner person. It communicates to the person inside, the real image of God inside you, though the mind of the flesh choose to ignore what the inner man is saying.

It is very much unfortunate that if you let the flesh take the decisions over the inner man, you will either go to hell or heaven. The flesh has got that decision to either lead you to hell or to heaven. This is why, it is very much important to know who the real person is? The real person is not the flesh, but the spirit.

When you know who the real person is, then you give the real person an upper hand over that which is going to corrupt. The day you die, we know that dust go to the dust. This flesh one day will return to the material that has made it, and it will be non-existent, but the spirit will live forever.

So we cannot allow that which is temporary to make decisions for that which is eternal. It is very much important for all of us to give the upper hand to the inner man, not to be controlled by the flesh because, when you find yourself in the wrong place or destination, the flesh won't be there to blame. It will be long eaten by moth and worms.

So may the lord help us. He may have a point in what he said, but true spiritual satisfaction, that special cable that he is so much talking about, it is only extended by the grace of God. The grace of God gives people spiritual satisfaction. There's no amount of money that can make a person happy, no amount of sex that can make a person happy, no amount of clubbing or what so ever, it it takes the grace of God by His spirit.

"No rod is long enough to reach the desires of a woman, there is need for a spiritual extension cable"

-Maponga Joshua III

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