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Important prayer to recite before you leave your home



God is the truth and the life.

 Dear Lord Jesus, 

 You are the Lord who creates anew every morning. With them you create new beginnings and give me grace and forgiveness day after day. With every rising sun you give me new hope. Thank you for your true love that I can trust. 


 Please Lord, show me the path to follow today.Guide me when I'm not sure and give me eyes to see the beauty in the moments of the day. 


 Heavenly Father, please protect me and save me today from every danger, Lord, help me to know your will and give me the strength to always follow you and live to please you. 


 You are a righteous God and only you can save me from all problems I may face today. I trust you, father, and I am your faithful servant. 


 I am strong in you and through your great love I can courageously endure every moment. In the name of Jesus I pray and believe. 




 Remember, following Jesus means not only believing, but also submitting to His will.

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