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These Are Many Ways God Heals, He Can Use Any Of These Ways To Heal You

"And Jesus reached out and touched him, saying, "I will; be clean." And his leprosy was cured right away." Matthew 8:3

When it comes to mending individuals, the God of all flesh employs a variety of techniques. "Lord, I know you can heal me, but I'm not sure if it is your will," a leper reportedly said to Jesus. He was instantly healed after Jesus touched him and said, "It is My wish to cure you; be clean." We learn from this interaction that the God of all flesh can heal you just by touching you. Some individuals have no problem believing God can touch them spiritually, but they refuse to think He can touch them physically. Yes, God still has physical contact with humans today.

We used to attend to church on Sunday mornings, and after the service, we'd head home to relax before returning to church for the afternoon worker's meeting. If you were late for a worker's meeting back then, you were in serious trouble with my father-in-law. We returned home to recuperate after the morning worship on this particular day. We made the decision that no one would sit or lie down since we didn't want to fall asleep.

After that, I returned to my room to pray and promptly fell asleep. Then I was startled awake by the sensation of a strong hand pressing down on my leg. I screamed as I looked at my wristwatch and realized we were almost late! I went to thank my wife because I assumed she had woken me up. When I arrived downstairs, expecting to find her ready and waiting, I discovered her and the kids fast asleep! Then I understood I'd been touched by God. In the name of Jesus, the Lord will touch you bodily today and heal you!

On the other hand, you can be healed simply by speaking a word to the God of all flesh. "He sent his word, and cured them, and freed them from their destructions," Psalm 107:20 says. When the Lord Jesus Christ went to heal Bartimaeus, he didn't touch him; instead, he said a word, and the blind man was healed (Mark 10:52). He continues to do so today.

During a Holy Ghost Service, the Lord announced that a woman in the congregation had cervical cancer and that the cancer had gone, but that she should check with her doctor. Indeed, such a woman was present, and she was informed. She went to see her doctor for a check-up and learned that her cancer had vanished. Are you feeling under the weather? In the name of Jesus, get your healing right now.

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