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Bishop Makamu Posted This But Mzansi Saw This. See Pictures

Bishop Makamu Posted This But Mzansi Saw This 

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Bishop Makamu is a man of many things and it's something that people does not know. Bishop Makamu is not only a Pastors but he is also a businessman. He does lots of things including motivational speaker or speech. 

He also has a funeral home service that operates within the borders of South Africa. iMakamu funeral home, launched in 2013, offers all forms of funeral services to South Africans. He recently took it to his social media to advertise his funeral business. Many of his fans took it to respond after he advertised his business. There are some who still think that pastor should not be having a mutual or funeral service.

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"You can’t truly heal from a loss until you allow yourself to really FEEL the loss and ensure that you send off your loved ones with dignity. 

For all your funeral arrangements Contact us on 0674275950/0674275952/0877230064 for all Funeral Arrangements. 


#sinaweebunzimeni". He Posted.

Bishop Makamu is popular known as an African actor, best host of Reatsotela shown in Channel 157. He is also television personality, motivational speaker, businessman, and media personality. Jenhas become famous ever since he got a role in Reatsotela. He was made famous by his energetic voice on the television show Rea Tsotella. He presents it in such a way that people are convinced to watch his show

Bishop Makamu does not go alone but he has a lady who is always by his side. Although his life has been in the media people need to know that he is respected and family man who is married. The Rea Tsotella TV show host Bishop Israel Makamu made a comeback on Moja Love – by popular demand – despite the fact that he has been accused of allegedly attempting to sexually assault a 21-year-old woman four years ago. Bishop Makamu has been married to Hlonifile Makamu for more than 15 years. He is a controversial preacher who has ruffled feathers a couple of times. His wife is always a preacher at their church and gifted like him when it comes to God. 

He also has a reality show I am Bishop I Makamu on Moja Love. The Bishop focused on matters that were not of essence to the couple's conflict resolution as he focused on their sex life. It is a 13 part reality TV show that shows his followers the challenges he faces as a pastor, his day-to-day activities, family life, and more. You can catch a glimpse of Bishop Makamu house on the show. 

Do you think it's wife for pastor to own business like funerals. ?

Let's talk about it and share some views.

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