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Warning: Witchcraft is real see what people can do to destroy your life

Witchcraft is real and you will never know your enemies because they are not going to attack you physically, always make sure that you pray because only prayer can protect you, those photos above, they represent satanic, your enemies can plot your death in a different ways and if you are weak they will make sure that they will finish with you.

As you can see other pictures there is two doll that are tied on the tree and they also stabbed two dollars with two cars and also stabbing dolls with a knifes, this picture represent death of two people it might be couple nor friends, it means they will die with accident not they will be stabbed with knife meaning there is nothing they can do unless they are lucky to succeed, if they are praying nor maybe there is something to protect them.

usually they advises women not to leave they short pant on their boyfriends nor friends, because you will never know the person who really loves you nor wishing well for you, friends sometimes might be jealous and do something bad to you, and Even boyfriend might do the same so always try to be extra careful and pray, because the devil is roaming around and he might destroy you.

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